Brand identities,  more than just a look. 

Who are you as a brand? And how do you want to be perceived? What is your brand, next to its product? I guide the path to true understanding of your brand.

Some cases

Samt   |   The North Face  |   3FM   |   thegreenlabels  |  Aristofreeks   |  Bolster  

︎Latest work

Amsterdam museum - After hours identity

Foot Locker - Female striper logo World cup

van Bruchem Staircases - Brand identity

︎Selected clients

Absolut, Adidas, Amsterdam Museum, Anwb, Asics, Aristofreeks, van Bruchem, Bolster, Foot Locker Global, Hide and Seek, KPN, MK Sons, Microsoft, Perfume Lounge, Pon, Red Bull, Skyn, So Connect, Sophia van Sorgen, The North Face, thegreenlabels, Vakmedianet, Volkswagen, 1012inc, 3FM

︎Some words

Sophia van Sorgen 
Working with Marieke is a wonderful experience. She is a fantastic listener and really knows how to build a brand strategicly & visually. Marieke helps you understand your subtle layered Brand DNA and makes them shine in the final product. She helps us evolve when we do as well.

Claudia Angeli  - thegreenlabels
I really enjoyed working with Marieke. She is highly skilled in every step of the process: Defining a brand, translation into a visual identity and applying this on all different digital and printed channels.

Margot Pascal - Manufacturepascal
I really appreciated her confidence, could feel a deep trust in reaching our goals and results. Marieke adapts to your needs but also knows where to give her expert opinion and guide you in the right direction.

Maarten van Oostrom - Samt
Marieke has shown her strong creative capabilities on multiple projects. Her active attitude and enthusiasm make her a very pleasant person to work with for our employees as well as our clients.


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