Brand Strategy & Creative direction

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

Being feminine doesn’t only mean to be sexy. It’s much more. It’s powerful yet gracious. It’s being cool in a sophisticated manner. It’s empowerment of ones true self. A boldness in showing personality and character. Milla has the natural ability to combine things that normally clash. It has the ability to empower, to make you dare to be female.


Milla will grow into an international well-known lifestyle brand that builds a community for women to be empowered, not only trough clothing but much more. Our online presence helps us to reach any woman that searches for this empowerment. Which helps to spread our message: Be proud to be a woman.


Every woman should be proud to express theirselves to the fullest.


Empower women to look their greatest during every moment of the day.

Practical product benefit

Milla’s products are for every moment of the day. And help you to amplify your own identity. We do this with long lasting essentials, the bold anchor pieces of your closet. Our products exist only out of the finest fabrics that have the respect you, and the world deserve.

Emotional product benefit

Milla’s products always empower and make you look at best. They help the inner you flourish. And give you pride to show that bold, fun and strong woman you are. They give you a feeling of respect, for being you, for standing out.